Fabulous amazing Prince is back: “Rock and Roll Love Affair”


Seems anything Prince has done after, say, “Diamonds and Pearls” is greeted with accusations of phoning it in or otherwise being uninspired or uninteresting. His latest track, “Rock and Roll Love Affair,” is no exception (for example).

Despite the reflexive “Well, it’s no ‘Raspberry Beret’ ” laments, this is Prince’s most enjoyable track since 2004′s “Musicology.”

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LCD Soundsystem and Miles Davis: The beautiful sounds of a duet that never happened


Via Laughing Squid:

In 2011, London-based Alessandro Grespan and his friends created a cool effect by playing two music videos at the same time, “New York, I Love You But You’re Bringing Me Down” by LCD Soundsystem and Miles Davis playing trumpet at Louis Malle’s Elevator To The Gallows recording session. By combining the two videos to play over each other, it makes it sound like the legendary Miles Davis is improvising on LCD Soundsystem’s song, thus creating an impossible (but fantastic) duet.

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“Front Porch” by Gloss channels The Cure



Tell me this single from Minneapolis-based Gloss doesn’t sound like left-over from an earlier album by The Cure. Of course, the “holy hell, that is The Cure” feeling only lasts until the vocals kick in, but still. Good tune.

Beck covering Daniel Johnston: “True Love Will Find You In The End”


The fella we call Beck is one hell of an entertaining musician. The breadth of styles he covers in the course of a single album (let alone his career) is half the joy.

Somehow, this gem of a cover he performed escaped me until now.

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Cloud Cult cover the Beatles, “Help” me get through the day



From volume 3 of the outstanding Minnesota Beatle Project (a recurring client of the marketing agency I work for), I order you to listen to Cloud Cult’s cover of the legendary “Help.” This is just about as good as music can get.

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“Love Interruption”: No matter the genre, Jack White can do no wrong


Jack White might be a snappy dresser, but generally he isn’t easy to look at. He’s not a handsome man, and when he’s not performing, he’s acts as though he’s channeling some bizarre offspring of Pee Wee Herman and Edward Scissorhands. (Watch the end of the video embedded below to see what I mean.)

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Yes you will: “We Will Never Be Discovered” by The City and Horses


“I love everything about this record.” -Bob Boilen, NPR’s All Songs Considered

“Me, too.” -Mike Keliher, Same Old Jam

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Find vivid storytelling and Jesus in Craig Finn’s solo album “Clear Heart Full Eyes”


What would a Craig Finn lyric-fest be without a song or two about Jesus? As far as I know, Craig was raised Catholic and has a little bit of a spiritual side. You’d never know it from his music (note sarcasm here). “New Friend Jesus” is chock-full of awesome one-liners about being friends with Jesus.

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M. Ward’s energetic new single “Primitive Girl” leaves you wanting more


M. Ward makes music that is supremely listenable. Though it’s rarely stand-out, memorable stuff, it’s always really good music that I simply can’t get enough of. His new single, the first off his upcoming album “A Wasteland Companion,” continues the trend.

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Hip-hop as it should be: Let the “Sunshine” in with Atmosphere


“Sunlight hit me dead in my eye like it’s mad I gave half the day to last night” – You know you’ve had that kind of hangover before.

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